Learn the Newest Assets and How to trade them with HotForex Online Seminar!

September 18, 2017

Schedule of upcoming HotForex Online Seminars this week!

Learn the Newest Assets and How to trade them with HotForex Online Seminar!

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HotForex’s webinars are designed to be useful for traders old and new. Whether you’re still learning the basics, looking for new assets to trade or help with your analysis, there’s something for everyone!

Coming Up This Week…

  • Your weekly analysis and news review
  • How to trade HotForex’s latest assets…
  • Using support and resistance levels when trading forex!

Why read the news by yourself when you can join the webinar to talk about it LIVE?

Join Stuart TOMORROW for a lively discussion before he demonstrates his professional approach to trading and strategizing for the coming days!

 HotForex Webinar  Live Analysis with Stuart Cowell
Date & Time  Tuesday, 19 September 11 AM GMT

When was the last time you added a new asset to your trading instruments?

Wednesday is a great opportunity to find out about all the newest assets and how to trade them – don’t miss out!

 HotForex Webinar  How to Trade the New HF Assets
Date & Time  Wednesday, 20 September 11 AM GMT

Finishing the week with a commonly overlooked trading tool, join Kay to learn about how to use support and resistance levels and how they can help you with choosing the right take profit and stop loss levels for your risk management.

 HotForex Webinar  Support & Resistance when Trading Forex
Date & Time Thursday, 21 September 12 PM GMT

These are just the latest webinars in their ongoing series! Visit the HotForex webinar page to catch up on past webinars and see what else is coming up this month.

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