Learn FX! Indicator Strategy, Support & Resistance and more with HotForex

March 13, 2017

Boost your knowledge with HotForex's webinars this week.

Learn FX! Indicator Strategy, Support & Resistance and more with HotForex

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HotForex’s webinars this week have something for both advanced traders and beginners.

Tomorrow the analyst Stuart Cowell will be talking about the latest news and how it affects the market, then on Wednesday Stuart will look at lesser-used indicators.

Finally, Kay will do a beginners’ webinar on support and resistance on Thursday.

Tomorrow’s live analysis webinar is a convenient way to stay up to date on the latest developments in financial markets.

Traders of all skill levels need to know what’s happening in the markets so that they can develop their strategies.

HotForex Webinar Live Analysis with Stuart Cowell

The above Online Seminar will be held on 14th of March 2017, at 11 AM in GMT.

The relative strength indicator is all well and good, of course, but sometimes you want to use something else that gives you a different perspective.

Wednesday’s webinar gives you a rundown of how else you can approach momentum and integrate lesser-used tools into your strategy.

HotForex Webinar Alternative Indicator Strategy with Stuart Cowell

The webinar above will be held on 15th of March 2017, at 11 AM in GMT.

It’s very important for newer Forex traders to understand how to use support and resistance as part of their strategies.

Thursday’s webinar with Kay explains this as well as giving tips on how to set stop loss and take profit appropriately plus how price action and mean reversion are related to support and resistance.

Beginners can give their strategies a hand by using these skills.

HotForex Webinar Support and Resistance When Trading Forex with Kay

This Online Seminar will be held on 16th of March 2017, at 1 PM in GMT.

For information about our other webinars, you can visit the HotForex webinar page.

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