Learn “Fibonacci” & “Forex Trading Journal” on HotForex’s Free Online Seminar!

April 10, 2017

Check out this week’s webinars for beginners and intermediate traders.

Learn “Fibonacci” & “Forex Trading Journal” on HotForex’s Free Online Seminar!

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The lineup of webinars this week is especially good for beginners, but intermediate and advanced traders can also learn something new.

HotForex wants to say sorry about the technical issues during Kay’s trading journal webinar at the end of last month, but tomorrow he’ll be doing it again.

Then HotForex will have Alvaro’s live analysis on Wednesday, and on Thursday Kay will look at Fibonacci theory and its applications for Forex. These webinars will help you, particularly if you’re a beginner, to broaden and develop your trading strategy.

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Even more advanced traders sometimes forget to use trading diaries.
Kay explains in tomorrow’s webinar that keeping a journal is a good way to remind yourself of the benefits of using a system and sticking to it over random or whimsical trading.

HotForex Seminar Title  Forex Trading Journal: Do You Keep One? with Kay
 Date & Time  Tuesday, April 11, 11 AM GMT
Alvaro’s live analysis webinar on Wednesday gives you a summary of the important news this week that’s affecting markets.

Tune in for his analysis and the chance to ask your questions live.

HotForex Seminar Title Live Analysis with Alvaro Marinho
 Date & Time  Wednesday, April 12, 11 AM GMT
Kay’s webinar on Thursday explains Fibonacci theory for intermediate traders.

There’s a lot of misinformation out there on Fibonacci ratios and what you can do with them, so Kay will be answering some common questions and giving you tips on how these concepts can be used in your trading strategy.

HotForex Seminar Title Using Fibonacci to Trade Forex with Kay
 Date & Time  Thursday, April 13, 1 PM GMT

For information about the other webinars, you can visit the HotForex webinar page.

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