Land-FX to connect Equinix Server in Tokyo for MT4 trading platform

March 30, 2016

Land-FX to provide more secured and stable connection to Asia by connecting MT4 to Equinix server in Tokyo.

Land-FX has announced that the broker has recently acquired the Equinix server from Tokyo.

The server connection from Equinix Tokyo server is provided to Japanese and other traders around the area, the traders can benefit from the more stable connection now.

Execution speed

Land-FX promotes its trading environment with fastest execution speed is 0.035s.

The server connection and the execution speed is mostly affected by:

  • The Geographical location
  • Internet environment on trader’s side
  • The processing speed of the device
  • The quality of server connections by brokers

Setting up another server located in Tokyo will offer more high quality execution environment to traders in Asia.

You can select the Equinix server in Tokyo by selecting “dc-jp” in MT4 as follows.

landfx equinix server connection mt4

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