Land-FX to acquire UK’s FCA license

June 8, 2016

Now Land-FX is officially licensed as a Forex Broker!

Land-FX to acquire UK’s FCA license

New Zealand based Online Forex & CFD Broker, Land-FX has announced the company is now also licensed by one of the hardest Financial license to earn, FCA in UK.

FCA(Financial Conduct Authority) conducts to supervise and mainly regulate all financial activities in United Kingdom.

It is also known as a license which is hard to acquire comparing to other licenses in terms of compliance and financial aspect.

This is a one big step for Land-FX to expand its market towards Europe and grow substantially all over the world.

What will be changed by this “FCA License”?

Other than the company has acquired another kind of accreditation, what is going to be better for traders?

Well first of all, FCA has got strict policies to protect “Investor Funds”.

fca uk financial license

This will be related to your withdrawal processes, and it wouldn’t be delayed nor rejected. Otherwise the FCA regulated company will not be able to maintain the license to conduct financial services.

Secondly, your funds are even more protected.

fscs uk compensation fund

As Land-FX is now a member of UK’s Financial Services Compensation Scheme(FSCS), up to 75,000 GBP will be compensated depends on the situation of your trouble.

This amount is even higher than the ICF’s (Investor Compensation Fund by CySEC) 20,000 EUR.

Thirdly, you will have someone to talk to in case you are in trouble with Land-FX.

uk financial ombusdman service

Now the Financial Ombudsman Service(FOS) in UK will be watching Land-FX’s activity if they are meeting obligations with clients and following rules of FCA correctly.

This is where you may want to contact first, if you think that Land-FX isn’t doing their job correctly.

Land-FX is regulated by FSP and FCA

Since Land-FX has already officially registered and regulated company in UK, the broker is technically licensed by two following Financial Authorities.

  1. Financial Service Providers(FSP) in New Zealand
  2. Financial Conduct Authority(FCA) in United Kingdom

But you may want to know that there are two different companies as:

  1. Land Prime Ltd in NZ
  2. LandFX UK Ltd in UK

So in case you are opening Forex trading account with Land-FX, you may want to open up the “Terms and Conditions” document and see which company you are opening your account with.

If the New Zealand company name is specified, but not the LandFX UK, then the above 4 merits just mentioned above are not applicable for your trading account.

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