Land-FX Forex Mastercard is available for free now

July 21, 2016

Another Mastercard directly connected to Forex trading accounts. Land-FX gives you the easy access to your funds at any time.

Land-FX Forex Mastercard is available for free now

Celebrating the QPR Sponsorship! Land-FX is now offering Prepaid Mastercard for your Forex trading account. The Mastercard is directly connected to your Forex account and you can easily access to your funds at anytime.

It is free to issue your own card with Land-FX, as long as you have more than 50 USD in your real/live trading account.

No need to trade, but all you need is one Forex trading account and only 50 USD of deposit.

By holding your Land-FX Mastercard, you can access to your funds from over 200 different countries and withdraw cash directly. Try it out in some Mastercard accepted store or ATM.

The issuer of the Mastercard is “33 Financial Services Limited”.

33 Financial SErvices Limited

As a co-branded product, the company is also introducing Land-FX Mastercard in its official website.

prepaid card land-fx mastercard co-branded

*Please refer to Terms and Conditions before use

*In order to withdraw funds through the card, you need to havve more than 35 USD as DHL cost to cover other than the withdrawal amount

50 USD for Free

123 USD for Free

$30 for Free

3500 USD for Free

88,8 USD for Free

up to $1000 for Free

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