Land-FX announces “End of Neteller Service for Japanese Clients”

September 20, 2016

Notification of service end of Neteller for JP clients.

Land-FX announces “End of Neteller Service for Japanese Clients”

Please note that Neteller is going to cease all services in Japan as of October 1st.*

Due to the above change of Neteller service, Land-FX won’t be able to accept transfers in and from Neteller service from October 1st, in case you are residing in Japan.

Land-FX will be able to accept Neteller withdrawals until September 28th, Wednesday. And for all withdrawals after the date, you can only process them through other methods such as Land-FX Co-branded Mastercard and Bank Wire Transfer.

*It is possible that Paysafe announces differently in the future. For more information about their service, please contact Neteller support team directly.

**Even if you are looking to withdraw funds via Neteller and Land-FX has processed your withdrawal before the date of service end, there could be unexpected errors or troubles withdrawing funds from Neteller depending on the situation. Normally withdrawal processes take about 1 to 2 business days.

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