KVB Kunlun to announce “Adjustment of Trading Products Notification”

June 10, 2016

KVB Kunlun to announce “Adjustment of Trading Products Notification”

kvb kunlun brexit eu uk referendum poll leverage The current high-profile and impending referendum on whether the United Kingdom should withdraw out of the European Union (EU) is likely to exacerbate market volatility, give rise to uncertainty and cause a lack of market liquidity.

Consequently, between the period from June 20, 2016 (Monday) 00:00 UTC + 2 and 25 June, 2016 (Saturday) 00:00 UTC + 2, in order to protect the security of customer accounts and thereby reduce risk, KVB Kunlun will take the following interim exceptional measures:

  1. Part of the monetary leverage ratio will be adjusted.
  2. There will be a temporary adjustment of Net Open Position Limits on each account.

For more details, see the list below.

Trading Currency Leverage Ratio Net Positions (Standard Lots)
  Now After Adjustment After Adjustment
EURGBP 100 20 20
CHFJPY 100 20 20
GBPUSD 100 20 50
AUDCHF 100 20 20
GBPAUD 100 20 20
GBPCAD 100 20 20
GBPCHF 100 20 20
GBPJPY 100 20 20
GBPNZD 100 20 20
NZDCHF 100 20 20
EURCHF 100 20 20
USDCHF 100 20 50
EURUSD 100 50 50
EURCAD 100 50 20
EURJPY 100 50 20
EURAUD 100 50 20
EURNZD 100 50 20
XAUUSD 200 100 NA

After the interim protective measures are removed, on 27 June 2016 (Monday) 00:00 UTC + 2, KVB Kunlun will make appropriate adjustments with regard to the prevailing market conditions. These adjustments will be announced at a later stage.

Please be reminded that before and after any important announcement, the markets can become extremely volatile, with highly insufficient market liquidity and the possibility of price gaps, additionally the spread between the systems accepted order and the market price may be widened.

In this type of situation, the actual execution price of Buy Stop, Sell Stop and Stop Loss Order may differ from the price you have originally set in the Forexstar system.

Alternatively, the spread between the systems accepted order and the market price may be widened. This occurrence is in line with previous market experience and is outlined in the terms and conditions of the Client Service Agreement which you have signed with KVB.

Please pay attention to the position and status of your margin accounts to take into account these volatile market conditions. If you have insufficient margin account, KVB Kunlun may be forced to liquidate your positions in order to prevent additional risk. KVB is not obliged to give any additional notification of such an event.

We strongly would advise that you be particularly vigilant when trading during this period.

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