KVB Kunlun to announce “Adjustment of Trading Products Notification”

June 17, 2016

The final notice from KVB kunlun regarding the expected "Brexit High Volatility".

KVB Kunlun to announce “Adjustment of Trading Products Notification”

This adjustment will become effective immediately upon market opening next Monday, June 20, 2016.

It will affect your current account positions and margin ratio directly. There may be a strong risk of being automatically stopped-out by the system, so KVB Kunlun strongly recommends that you pay attention to the position and status of your accounts to ensure that there are sufficient funds to maintain your positions.

No further notifications will be distributed by KVB Kunlun.

Important Risk Warning regarding to the “Brexit Vote”

The current referendum on whether the United Kingdom should withdraw out of the European Union (EU) will be held in the UK on June 23, 2016.

Taking into account the observations of the current situation of the international financial market, the referendum week is likely to exacerbate market volatility, causing a correspondent lack of market liquidity.

This may result in wider spreads, and rapid fluctuations in price gaps.

During the referendum period, please be aware of the likelihood of the following risks:

  1. The financial market may lack liquidity. Therefore clients may not be able to trade normally, including the ability to open new position and to close positions.
  2. Given the market situation at that time, buying and selling price differences may be extremely wide.
    There is a strong probability that it will not be possible to accept orders for transactions (including are cancelling, take profit and stop-loss orders, etc).
  3. The actual execution price of Buy Stop, Sell Stop and Stop Loss Order may differ from the price you have originally set in the Forexstar system, or the spread between the systems.
  4. Given the uncertainty of the market, your account may be stopped-out due to wider spreads (including all hedge or partially hedge trading). These circumstances may lead to a negative balance in your account.
  5. KVB Kunlun suggests that you exercise extreme caution during this trading period. Pay particular attention to your account risk management strategy and closely review your account at all times.

Please be aware that this occurrence is in line with previous market experience and is outlined in the terms and conditions of the Client Service Agreement which you have signed with KVB.

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