Just “Super Gorgeous FX Broker FBS” Let us review the Service to see their “Good and Bad”

April 11, 2017

Is FBS a Good FX Broker? Their Promotions are just extremely Gorgeous...

Just “Super Gorgeous FX Broker FBS” Let us review the Service to see their “Good and Bad”

FBS, an Online FX & CFD broker in Belize has been running over 10 Bonus Promotions and holding many events(party, seminar, grand event) for years.

Starting with the 123 USD No Deposit Bonus, Leverage, 1:3000, Grand event in several country, and also Promotions to give away luxurious cars like BMX X3 and Mercedes GLA.

The broker makes sure to publish all the details such as Winners, Photos, Video Interviews etc, proving that these gifts are sent to traders for real.

Now that the broker has been grown to be the Largest in Asia, and trusted by over 3 million traders all over the world.

We have to say that, FBS’s Promotions are “Too Gorgeous to be True“, comparing to other FX brokers.

As a Mega Forex Broker, FBS’s reputation has been built throughout the years on the highest principles of fairness to its clients.

3 Reasons Why FBS can be trusted

Over the years, we have learned that, FBS isn’t some cheap SCAM or vulnerable broker with unorganized system and promotions.

So, we have 3 Points to mention to make you comfortable trading with FBS.

No Fund Withdrawal Troubles

It is true that there has been no troubles reported regarding to “Fund Withdrawals”, as FBS is always to happy send out traders’ profits and funds into their pockets.

Not just that FBS is processing thousands of Deposits everyday, the number of “profit withdrawal” is also many!

FBS allows any kinds of trading methods/activities on MT4 and MT5, and happy to support traders earn profits on their own methods.

Showing all Staffs with details in Public

FBS doesn’t hide who they are.

Just search through tits official website or Google, then you will see who are working in FBS and their past and everything!

FBS also publishes the photos of their staffs and traders almost every day to show how active they are.

Just like the below photo, the CEO of FBS is in the center of traders at the Grand Event in Malaysia. You can see more photos of their working staffs in the official website of FBS!

CEO of FBS in the center of the photo

No Complains against FBS reported

It is often that traders report us troubles with some Forex brokers…

But we can honestly say that we have not received any complains against FBS’s service before!

It means that traders are satisfied with their service, or all troubles are smoothly taken care of by FBS’s support teams.

Find out more information of the “Best Broker of the Month” from below!

FBS Official Website

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