It is Real! Spread 0.0 pip with STP execution on MT4!

March 23, 2017

Have you ever seen the spread 0.0 pip before?

It is Real! Spread 0.0 pip with STP execution on MT4!

Many FX brokers promote their “o.o pip Spread” on their official websites though, it is barely seen among hundreds of Forex brokers.

In fact, it is impossible to offer”

0 spread with 0 trading cost

As, this won’t work financially for brokerage firms. Of course, they need to earn certain amount of commissions to continue their business.

But you can find a FX broker with low cost.

LQDFX, an online Forex & CFD broker in Marshal Islands, offers retail trading service very low trading cost.

The broker offers “raw-spread” through MT4 trading platform, and the spread can reach to 0.0 pip in certain market situation.

Let’s see the average raw-spread on LQDFX’s MT4 below.

LQDFX MT4 Real Time Spread

There will be extra trading cost for the above trading condition, which is only $5 per 1 round turn lot.

And the required minimum deposit amount for the account type is 25,000 USD.

You can find more information and details of the account type from here.

STP Execution on MT4

STP stands for Straight Through Processing.

The condition ensures that retail traders are provided with the “Fair” and “Fast” execution by trading with such brokers.

As LQDFX strives to offer STP trading environment, the broker confirms following conditions:

  1. No Re-quotes
  2. Fast Execution
  3. All Trading activities/methods are allowed

Are you interested in trading with the “Fair” brokerage firm with low trading cost?

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