Is “Trading CFD for Dummies” a good education for new traders? Let’s hear the opinion of an expert…

January 12, 2017

CFDs are a way to trade at all levels of expertise. Trading CFD for dummies courses are a great way to become familiar with CFDs and understand their basic use.


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Is “Trading CFD for Dummies” a good education for new traders? Let’s hear the opinion of an expert…

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Trading CFD for Dummies Courses

Trading CFD for dummies courses are good for understanding basic CFD trading and ideas. Most of these courses however fail to mention that the real benefits of CFDs lie in superior liquidity and pricing linearity.

Most people argue that CFDs are affordable, nice and offer good leverage, but that’s not much of a deal. Many other instruments are also affordable and nice, and offer high leverage, but are really bad to use.

The real hidden, unique advantages of CFDs are superior liquidity pools and linear pricing. These two make all the difference, and make CFDs perform so much better than other instruments.

Better liquidity means getting a better price every time. You can trade stocks through CFDs, and short stocks even when stock traders cannot do short-selling.

That’s one example of unfair advantages that CFD traders get to have. But linear pricing and good liquidity are evident everyday, through efficient trading and better filling prices.

Profitable online currency trading through CFDs is a very appealing missions for all new traders.

They all want to learn to trade in order to make extra money on the side. And while trading is surely difficult and confusing, CFDs definitely can help in boosting one’s profitability.

Trading CFD for Dummies Willing to Be Different and Better Traders

Good trading CFD for dummies education is provided by veteran traders and analysts who understand different markets and methods. The objective is to teach these new traders how to trade better and more wisely. And the biggest challenge lies with risk control.

Well, CFDs actually make it possible to effectively hedge open losing trades.

In ways that it would have been too hard through other instruments. Online CFD analysis is all about gauging market momentum, breakouts and volatility. When conditions are right a simple CFD trade can lock the loss on an open losing trade.

And this averts a lot of confusion and impulse trading decisions.

That’s why trading CFD is much more than just affordable leverage. Hedging is a natural occurring though that comes to the minds of many new traders.

As they explore markets. How many times have we all seen a trade getting stopped out at maximum possible loss, only to see the market reversing right there. New traders have realized that the use of tight stop loss orders just isn’t right.

And that more flexibility is needed. Ideally, large stops and hedging methods, could be the way to go.

The younger generation of traders does apply a lot of critical thinking and questions old established opinion. And rightly so, because many classic trading theories have been proven to be nonsense. When using CFDs to actually hedge losing trades, the established idea of using tight stops and low risk-reward ratios becomes ridiculous and irrelevant in the real world. Tight stops are way more risky than larger ones. Today’s CFD dealing is affordable and fast, old school tips may not necessarily apply. Because 30 years ago, it was costly to open and close many small trades, but today it no longer is.

New Traders are learning Fast

Today’s traders are learning faster than ever, and are quick to challenge classic trading opinion.

Good profitable traders are expected to come out from this generation. Because they have learned to think outside the box.

So today’s dummies could be tomorrow’s super star traders.

Affordable leverage surely does play its part, because without it traders would not be able to afford their trades. But remember that this is not the real power of CFDs.

Original Source: XTrade Blog

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