Is IronFX still having the trouble? The current situation of the Broker in March, 2017

March 17, 2017

IronFX UK is one of the largest Forex broker of the world!

Is IronFX still having the trouble? The current situation of the Broker in March, 2017

IronFX, the UK FCA & Cyprus CySEC licensed Forex broker, has participated in the “Anlegertag Duesseldorf 2017” (Investors day 2017) event which took place in Classic Remise Duesseldorf, Germany in March 11th.

Classic Remise Duesseldorf is an international recognized experience and competence center for Oldtimers and collectors vehicles.

IronFX has welcomed and addressed all of the attendee’s questions, met existing clients and explored new partnership opportunities.

There are seminars and more events coming up to meet your FX broker in person!

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Is IronFX still having the Trouble with investors?

It’s been more than a few years when IronFX’s fund withdrawal troubles have been discussed on the web actively.

The situation has derived from the “Chinese Arbitrage Traders” which IronFX has delayed to withdraw their profits earned to, by trading illegally.

This has caused the delays on other traders’ withdrawal processes. (but never rejected)

But the question is what is going on with IronFX now?

The answer for the question would be:

IronFX has been continuously providing the same service from under CySEC and FCA without being fined or withdrawn their license.

In fact, the broker is known to be one of the largest FX broker in the world with over 1 million live account traders to take care of.

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