IronFX Yacht is at their journey in European sea

July 5, 2016

IronFX is a proud sponsor of the IronFX Yacht.

IronFX Yacht is at their journey in European sea

IronFX has officially announced that the “IronFX Yacht” participated in the International regatta “North Aegean Cup 2016”.

The “IronFX Yacht” has competed with yachts from all over the world, Italy, Greece, Russia, United States, Israel, Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Estonia and Ukraine from Thursday June 30th to Sunday July 3rd in 2016.

And the Yacht has been successfully qualified for the “2016 ORC European Championship” and will continue to represent Cyprus in the 2016 ORC European Championship, from Sunday July 3 2016 to Sunday July 10 2016.

The ORC European Championship 2016 is organized by the Nautical Club of Thessaloniki under the authority of the Hellenic Sailing Federation and under the overall authority of the Offshore Racing Congress (ORC).

IronFX thrives on having a responsible corporate attitude and with this in mind, the company sponsors several activities in order to actively engage with the community.

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