IronFX Portfolio Management’s August Performance Result is revealed

September 9, 2016

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IronFX Portfolio Management’s August Performance Result is revealed

IronFX, a Forex brokerage firm mainly based in UK and Cyprus, has been running “Portfolio Management” program over the years. The company is fully licensed to manages clients’ funds by CySEC and has been showing strong profit results in long term.

The August’s Performance didn’t show much positive results though, nor much draw-downs are reported.

There are mainly two different strategies currently.

Hybrid Strategy

The Hybrid strategy is a moderate strategy looking to earn steady profit with low risks.

The strategy has showed 0.28% return in August, 2016. Its Year-to-Date return is 13.98% for the previous 8 months.

The strategy has been making steady profits with almost no negatives draw-downs per month.

Dynamic Strategy

The Dynamic strategy is an advanced strategy looking for High-Return with Medium-Risks.

The strategy has showed 0.47% draw-down in August, 2016, and its Year-to-Date return is -0.75%. This Dynamic Strategy has recorded 170.47% of profit return last year.

You can find the full performance overview in the below PDF.

Ironfx Portfolio Management Performance Review

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