IronFX Portfolio ManagementIronFX Portfolio Management “positive profit-results” again this July

August 8, 2016

IronFX Portfolio Management “positive profit-results” again this July

IronFX, a leading broker in the Forex industry based in Cyprus and UK has reported its Performance Overview of July 2016.

There are mainly 2 types of “Portfolio Management” run by IronFX currently, and both of them showed profitable results in the month.

Hybrid Strategy

Hybrid strategy is a “low risk, low return” strategy comparing to the “Dynamic” strategy. Even when the market is extremely volatile, the strategy keeps draw-downs to minimum.

This strategy showed 24.60% of overall return in 10 months.

MAY JUN JUL Overall Return from September, 2015 Average Return from September
Hybrid 5.82% 0.23% 5.58% 24.60% 1.76%
Benchmark 0.65% -0.02% n/a -3.38% -0.26%
Performance over benchmark 4.73% 0.21% n/a 27.88% 2.02%

Dynamic Strategy

If you are aiming for larger returns despite of the comparatively higher risks, then this “Dynamic Strategy” maybe the one for you.

You may see a bigger losses within a month sometimes though, the strategy has recorded 170.19% of overall return within 10 months.

If you had your funds managed last September, then you should have twice more funds in the account by now.

MAY JUN JUL Overall Return from September Average Return from September
Dynamic 1.58% -11.13% 11.00% 170.19% 11.35%
Benchmark 0.65% -0.02% n/a -2.32% -0.17%
Performance over benchmark 0.93% -11.15% n/a 172.51% 11.51%

You can find the full Performance Report from the below PDF.

IronFX Portfolio Management – July 16′ Performance Overview

Joining the program and start earning profits together

IronFX is fully licensed to manage funds with this program, and has been managing it over a year.

If you are interested in the program, here is what you need to prepare now:

  • Copy of ID (Identification Document)
  • Copy of POA (Proof of Address)
  • More than 1,000 USD to invest with

For more information of “IronFX Portfolio Management” Program, please go to the page here.

*Please do not invest more than you can afford to lose.

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