“IronFX Official” $3 Cash Back Bonus Promotion

IronFX Official Cash Back Bonus Promotion!


""IronFX Official" $3 Cash Back Bonus Promotion" has ended. You may find the list of current Promotions of IronFX UK in its dedicated introduction page. Find Out More

“IronFX Official” $3 Cash Back Bonus Promotion

Promotion Details

Available toBoth New and Existing Clients
DurationUntil Further Notice
Offer$3 Cash Back per 1 lot
WithdrawalAvailable at Anytime

There is a new page available for this promotion. Please visit the page below.

New! IronFX 0.3 pips Cash Back Bonus

It is Cash Back! and It is Official!

IronFX is happy to announce that they have started offering the Cash Back Promotion to all clients.

Participation of the promotion is free, and you can receive up to:

$3 on every lot you trade!

Cash Rebate account holders will have access to all of the Trading Instruments offered by IronFX, including Forex, Spot metals, Stocks, Futures, Spot indices and Commodities.

Micro and Premium account characteristics will apply depending on the level of investor’s deposit amount. Trade with IronFX today and be entitled to receive up to $3 with every lot that you trade with them.

The cash back amount will vary depending on the trading volume in your cash back account.

Round Turn Lot Traded Cash Back Amount
From 1 lot – 199 lots 2.0 USD per lot
From 200 lots – 499 lots 2.5 USD per lot
Over 500 lots 3.0 USD per lot

Before joining the promotion, please make sure that you have read the below PDF.

IronFX Cash Back Rebate Bonus Promotion “Terms and Conditions” PDF

50 USD for Free

3500 USD for Free

123 USD for Free

up to $1000 for Free

30 USD for Free

25 USD for Free

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