IronFX achieved to acquire over 1 million of clients since 2010

October 24, 2016

Over 1 million of Traders in 7 years! IronFX is growing now!

IronFX achieved to acquire over 1 million of clients since 2010

IronFX, an Online Forex & CFD Broker based in Europe is happy to announce that the company has achieved to attract more than 1 million of clients in only 7 years.

IronFX has been operating retail Forex investment services to all over the world, with its official office based in Cyprus.

The companies of the IronFX group are regulated and licensed by ASIC in Australia, CySEC in Cyprus and FCA in UK.

Troubled by Chinese arbitrage traders but still growing


There was a huge topic of conversation regarding to Chinese arbitrage traders of IronFX.

As IronFX has delayed the withdrawals of these traders who have been suspected of abusing IronFX’s bonus promotions, the story of the trouble has been spread around the internet.

Each side of this trouble has claimed as follows:

Arbitrage Traders – IronFX has unreasonably taken clients’ money

IronFX – These traders have abused the promotions and breached the rules

Few months after, there was an official investigation from IronFX’s main financial authority, CySEC, and the Authority has confirmed that IronFX has been processing all withdrawal requests according to the rules set by the authority.

IronFX then has paid for some compensation fees to CySEC, and the broker is providing normal financial services until now.

There was such trouble discussed all over the internet and you may see a number of complains against IronFX though, IronFX still does provide Forex service with great conditions that has potential of growing to be a Mega-broker like before.

You can find more information of IronFX from below.


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