Interviewing the specialist of Automated Trading Systems

November 9, 2013

Axiory's exclusive interview with Mr. Andrea Unger.


My name is Andrea Unger, CEO of Unger Trading S.r.l. I’m a trader and an educator. I’ve been trading for over eleven years and I specialize in automated trading systems.

I’ve always dreamt of independence, educating people and being rewarded based on my skills.

Well, being a trader and an educator I have found all this. In trading you need to be good to make money.

There might be luck involved sometimes, but going for the long haul requires developing and maintaining the proper skills.

My path to Successful Trading

I know many traders, and all of those who are successful have some aspects in common.

The most important aspect they focus on is having a trading plan. Trading is a business and it has to be planned considering all the potential outcomes of our actions.

Since this is the most important part of trading in my opinion, I chose to become a system trader as I saw an edge there compared with discretionary trading when building a powerful plan.

With trading systems, numbers are put together and potential scenarios can be estimated so that a chosen direction can be strictly monitored. I trade plenty of strategies and all of this mix is checked day after day to be sure the behavior is not out of borders.

I studied a lot about money management and position sizing.

I even wrote the first book in Italian language about this matter.

My models are all built considering the power of leverage, but also the danger of excessive exposure. Even a day with a monster gain should be an alarm because it might indicate there was too large a position in the market.

Psychology also is of utmost importance mainly in following the plan without exceptions.

Sometimes emotions can drive strange decisions, they may even be right on some occasions, but in the end the sum of discretionary maneuvers used into system trading is a losing game.

I’m also a runner. I love to run and I love to plan my training on achieving goals.

When I prepared for the Berlin Marathon back in 2010, I followed a plan made of kilometers, proper rest and proper food.

There are many similarities between running and trading. In both cases I see it is as a must to stick to a plan, and if the plan was properly made then success is a normal result.

Forex Makes Sense

I trade all markets, but lately I have focused more on futures and even more on Forex.

The liquidity of the FX markets together with their enormous scalability is a winning tool in any trader’s box. When considering position sizing it becomes incredibly important to have the chance as often as possible to modify the size of trades.

In FX this possibility, when using mini or micro lots, is at its top. Considering for example the scalability of the Euro FX future.

You can pass from 1 to 2 contracts in futures, while doing the equivalent on EURUSD from 125.000 to 250.000 has an extremely high number of intermediate steps, and believe me it does make a difference!

Axiory and Andrea

I work with different partners on various projects and so far I’ve always been lucky in being approached by serious companies.

The broker is not an exception, and compared to the others, I can also say that I’ve found an incredible level of enthusiasm and commitment in their “Multitrader” project.

I’m also thrilled about the opportunity of putting my skills at their disposal.

As I consider this, as all cooperation opportunities, a win-win game.

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