Insurance for FX Traders! Up to 2.5 Million EUR per claim is covered with FXPrimus

February 22, 2017

The reason Why FXPrimus is the "Safest Place to Trade".

Insurance for FX Traders! Up to 2.5 Million EUR per claim is covered with FXPrimus

FXPrimus strives to offer the “Fairest” and “Safest” place to trade, and there are reasons for it.

This time, the broker has added another Insurance for retail traders, which will cover up to 2.5 Million EUR per claim in case of default.

Now FXPrimus has 3 Protections for traders.

NBP (Negative Balance Protection)

Even you trade with Leverage 1:500, your Maximum Loss is limited to the Total Deposit amount. You won’t lose more than you deposit!

ICF (Investors Compensation Fund)

As FXPrimus is licensed by CySEC and a member of ICF, you have a right to claim up to 20,000 EUR, in case FXPrimus fails to meet its obligation.

Traders’ Insurance

This Insurance is only for traders of FXPrimus, and covers up to 2,500,000 EUR per claim!

Within the Insurance Certificate, it states the followings.

Cover: In the event of the Insured’s Default or other insurance Loss, that Loss to a Claimant which is caused by the failure of the Insured to meet its liability to that Claimant in respect of the Claimant’s Covered Assets and Excluding the Retention and subject always to the terms, conditions and Exclusions stated in the Policy.

Sum Insured: Up to EUR 2,500,000 each and every claim and in the Aggregate including defense cost and expenses, subject to and in accordance with the limits and the terms and conditions of the Policy.

You can review the Official Certificate of this Insurance from below.

Certificate of FXPrimus’s 2.5 Million EUR Insurance

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