Improved Latency, Tick Frequency, Liquidity Providers and more for Yadix’s traders!

October 25, 2017

Infrastructure Upgrades and Developments in Q4.

Improved Latency, Tick Frequency, Liquidity Providers and more for Yadix’s traders!

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Yadix team would like to update you with the latest developments and improvements in their trading services during the final quarter of 2017.

Reduced Latency

Their technical division has made dramatic improvements in reducing the latency between global data-centres, the Execution Bridge and Liquidity Providers to reduce execution times by 15 milliseconds on average.

Traders can now benefit from a dramatic decrease in order execution times.

More Price Ticks

The changes in the technical infrastructure has also allowed them to increase the price tick frequency to your MT4 platform, this has resulted in a larger number of real market prices available to trade on and therefore increases order filling accuracy and reduces slippage for more profitable trading.

New Targeted Liquidity

Yadix has sourced and added new liquidity provisions that are targeted for Scalping and High Frequency systems with excellent trading terms to ensure you still benefit from the lowest true market spreads, no trading restrictions, no limits on your stop loss and take profit orders and now with higher execution quality.

Web Trader Platform

Due to high demand, they are planning to launch the new Web Trader platform during the start of November.

You will be able to access your trading account on all browsers and operating systems including Mac with no download needed.

To learn more about how these improvements will upgrade your trading experience or have any questions, please visit their Live Chat service or contact your personal account manager.

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Original Source: Yadix News

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