Important upcoming CFD Expiry dates on May 2017

May 16, 2017

Energy CFDs' Contracts expiring this month on MT4.

Important upcoming CFD Expiry dates on May 2017

Please be aware that the following CFD contracts will expire this month (May 2017).

You are advised to close all your relevant open positions before the expiry date/time. TTCM will close all open positions in your accounts when the CFD’s will expire in our LP’s.

Please see the table below (all times are in GMT):

Affected Instrument MT4 Symbol Expiry Dates in March
UK Brent UKOil 30th May 2017 20:45
US Crude USOil 19th May 2017 20:45
Natural Gas NGAS 25th May 2017 20:45

Note: Times are subject to change

Disclaimer: The information above is subject to change without notice due to unscheduled closures or liquidity issues.

If you have any questions / concerns please contact Traders Trust support team.

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