Important: MXTrade to restrict certain trading methods(Scalping, EAs and Arbitrage)

March 24, 2016

Hercules has been informed by MXTrade officially that it does not accept certain trading methods.


Please note that MXTrade has terminated the contracts and we are not allowed to introduce this Broker.

Please note that MXTrade restricts some trading methods which are:

  • Scalping (positions closed within 5 minutes)
  • Some EAs (not all)
  • Arbitrage

Scalping trade

Scalping trade is defined as the positions which is not held opened for 5 minutes.

So if you are a scalper and do not hold positions 5 minutes or more, some of these trade results will be nullified when you withdraw.

MXTrade’s financial team will look into your trades when you request for the withdrawal, and you will be informed regarding this cancellations.

Some Expert Advisers

MXTrade also does not accept some trades made by EAs.

You may want to confirm with the support team of MXTrade if you are planning to use any EAs for trading.


Arbitrage trading is prohibited by most of the brokers.

Trading Forex and CFDs involves risks and it is necessarily, but some arbitrage trading do not take risks.

Simply note that you can not hedge positions by using accounts with other brokers, and MXTrade may nullify the profit/loss if the broker finds any arbitrage tradings.

MXTrade is not a scam broker

Although MXTrade is receiving warnings from some regulatory authorities as the broker is directly marketing towards some countries where the authority requires a license for that.

Also it was never confirmed by any regulatory authorities that MXTrade is working on a fraud.

Hercules has been directly informed that MXTrade has nullified some profits/loss which was the result of some prohibited trading methods in the broker.

If you have an experience of being cancelled some profits by MXTrade, you may want to use other brokers or change the trading methods to follow the rule of MXTrade.

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