Important: HotForex MT4 Version Update Deadline Notification

June 29, 2016

Please update the MT4 Version as instructions.

Important: HotForex MT4 Version Update Deadline Notification

Please note that the “MetaTrader4” has been upgraded to the new version, Build 940, and your MT4 trading platform also needs to be updated accordingly.

The newest version(Build 940) is available through your device, and there is no need to re-install it from HotForex website or MetaQuotes website.

For clients of HotForex, this upgrade needs to be completed  by July 1st in 2016. After the specified date, you are no longer able to login to your MT4 trading platform with old version of the platform.

Check the “Build” of MT4

To check which MT4 Build you are currently running, please go to your MT4 Client Terminal and click “Help” and “About”.

metatrader4 version update build help about

Then you can see the current version of your MT4 trading platform in there.

mt4 version build how to check

Upgrade MT4 to the latest “Build”

You can right click on the “MT4 icon” on the desktop of your PC, and select “Run as Administrator”.

Or, you can also Login to your HotForex MT4 Client Terminal as normal, and if prompted, follow the upgrade instructions.

If you do not receive any instructions or not sure how to upgrade your MT4, please contact HotForex Support and they will guide you through the upgrade process.

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