Important 3 Points to distinguish a GOOD FX Broker among hundreds of others!

March 31, 2017

FBS is the number 1 in our current ranking. What makes them the Top broker?

Important 3 Points to distinguish a GOOD FX Broker among hundreds of others!

There are now hundreds of Online Forex Brokers in the world, providing their service to the traders in nearly 200 countries.

But it is often that you hear there were troubles with some brokers on the web.

Even the broker is regulated and licensed by a government’s financial authority, it does not mean that the broker is the safe place to trade.

Then, how can you find a Good brokers with Good service?

Let us introduce you the 3 very important points to find the “Good Brokers” out of hundreds of others.

1. No Withdrawal Troubles

It doesn’t matter if the broker is A-book or B-book, or licensed or unlicensed.

It the broker refuses to process profit withdrawals of traders, then the broker cannot be qualified as a Good broker.

Talk to your account manager for conditions of withdrawals and check the reviews on our website before start trading!

2. Many Trading Tools

Good FX brokers tend to offer more trading platforms, tools, analysis, educational materials and promotions.

You are recommended to go through their websites thoroughly, and see what kind of service do they offer for traders.

Does the website of a FX broker contains small number of information and no tools or promotions? Then, you may find even better FX brokers somewhere else.

3. Educated Support

Talk to the support or your account manager, and throw several questions to them.

Good FX broker always respond to your answers in a timely manner.

They also actually answer to your questions, instead of procrastinate or ignore your inquiries.

Now, you may be bothered to find a broker with 3 above conditions.

We have our 5 popular & favorite brokers listed here. Check them out!

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