iForex now supports 20 multi-language as an International FX Broker

April 4, 2017

The International FX broker in Europe!

iForex now supports 20 multi-language as an International FX Broker

iForex is happy to announce that the broker now offers supports in 20 difference languages.

The currently supported languages are:

  1. Indonesian
  2. Malay
  3. English
  4. Czech
  5. German
  6. Spanish
  7. French
  8. Italian
  9. Hungarian
  10. Dutch
  11. Polish
  12. Portugues
  13. Romanian
  14. Filipino
  15. Greek
  16. Russian
  17. Arabic
  18. Hindi
  19. Chinese
  20. Japanese

Contact iForex in any of the above language, you will get response in your native language within 24 hours. (during week days)

Also the official website of iForex is also translated in each language, to help FX traders understand the service conditions even better.

Signup for Free now and Check out iForex’s Official Website in your native language!

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Who is iForex?

iForex is an Online Forex & CFD broker in Europe.

The broker is licensed and been providing the service for retail FX traders for over 20 years.

By registering online for iForex for Free, you can invest in FX, Stocks, Equity Index, Metals, ETFs and Oils all together.

The required minimum deposit amount is only 100 USD.

As a pioneer in the retail FX industry, iForex’s popularity has been growing continuously these years.

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