IFC Markets: Now the Australian Stocks are available through NetTradeX

January 20, 2016

IFC Markets is popular for Stocks CFD traders as the broker offers more than 400 trading products. And now the broker adds 77 more stocks from ASX.

IFC Markets now offers 25 most popular stocks from ASX.

While ASX offers more than 2,000 stocks currently, it is merely 1% of the stocks which is tradable though, still a big step for IFC Markets.

The broker also stated that it is going to offer 70 more stocks from ASX, and these Stocks CFD’s spread is same as the real exchange trading and typical spreads are fixed most of the time.

Trading Information

  • Dividend

Dividend adjustment will be added to your account in case you have a long position on the date of ex-dividend date (Deducted if short position)

  • Commissions

Commission is 0.25% according to the trading volume

  • Required margin

Maximum leverage for stock CFDs is 1:40 (2.5%)

  • Spread

2 – 4pips and fixed most of the times


IFC Markets

IFC Markets. Corp. is a trademark of the IFCM Group which consists of NetTradeX Corp, Infin Markets Limited, IFC Markets Corp. for over 10 years. The company provides services to customers with NetTradeX and MT4 trading platforms for trading currency pairs, precious metals, Index CFDs, Stock CFDs, Commodity CFDs, and is incorporated in British Virgin Islands (BVI) and licensed by BVI FSC.

Traders can utilize up to 400:1 leverage for NetTradeX and MT4 trading platforms with all fixed spread.

  • More than 400 Stock CFDs world wide
  • New generation trading platform NetTradeX
  • Fixed Spread

123 USD for Free

50 USD for Free

$30 for Free

3500 USD for Free

88,8 USD for Free

up to $1000 for Free

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