HYCM Trading Hours on US Labor Day Holiday, Monday 4th September 2017

August 30, 2017

US Labor Day Amendments To Trading Hours.

Please note the following amendments to HYCM’s trading hours due to the upcoming Labor Day Holiday in the US on Monday, 4th September 2017.

Monday 04 September 2017 – US Labor Day Holiday

Product Name  Open  Changes
 All Forex & US Dollar Index  Normal  Trading break 17:00-22:01
 All Gold and Silver  Normal  Trading break 17:00-22:01
 US Index CFD’s  Normal  Trading break 17:00-22:01
 IND50 & CNA50 Index CFD’s  Normal  Early Close at 17:00
 Japan 225 Index CFD  Normal  Normal
 HK Index CFD’s  Normal Normal
 China Index CFD’s  Normal Normal
 Italy 40 Index CFD  Normal Normal
 EUR50, FRA40 & SPA35 Index CFD’s  Normal  Early Close at 17:00
 Germany 30 Index CFD  Normal  Early Close at 17:00
 UK 100 Index CFD  Normal  Early Close at 17:00
 US Oil CFD  Normal  Trading break 17:00-22:01
 Natural Gas CFD  Normal  Trading break 17:00-22:01
 Copper CFD  Normal  Trading break 17:00-22:01
 US Sugar CFD  Closed  Closed
 US Cocoa CFD  Closed  Closed
 US Cotton CFD  Closed  Closed
 US Coffee CFD  Closed  Closed
 Brent CFD  Normal  Early Close at 17:00
 All US Stocks CFD’s  Closed  Closed

All the times mentioned above are based on GMT time.

Remember, HYCM’s support team is always on hand to help should you require any further assistance.

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