How to use Youtube, Faceboo, Twitter, Telegram to attract Clients online?

April 20, 2017

The Licensed FX Broker, JustForex has several Advises for Social Network Users.

How to use Youtube, Faceboo, Twitter, Telegram to attract Clients online?

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How to attract clients?

Online promotion. Part 1.


Social media networks are a major resource for both small and big businesses that are looking to promote their brands on the Internet. Their popularity increases rapidly and can be considered as a cheap, yet effective way of attracting your target audience. The platforms are easy to use, you just need to create an account on popular social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Plus+ etc.


Search for people, who are interested in making money on Forex market. Add to friends and tell them about JustForex, no doubts, they will like JF trading conditions, bonuses and provided services. You can promote the broker creating posts about JustForex trading advantages, Bonuses&Promotions, Forex Articles etc. Use a wide range of promo materials, that you can find in your JustForex partner backoffice. DO NOT forget to add your referral link!

You do not have any ideas for Facebook post? You can always visit JustForex Facebook group and get some inspiration there or just make a repost. Once again, DO NOT forget to add your referral link!

*There is an example of Facebook post.

You can comment other Forex posts or leave comments in different Forex groups as well. Just search for popular Facebook Forex groups​. There are some of them:
Forex Group, Forex Master Trade Group, New Forex Trader Group, Forex News Group, Forex Friend’s Group, Forex Group For Advertising
*There is an example of post for Facebook group.

You can create your own group ​and promote it as well. Make posts about own analytical materials and forecasts, trade advisors, own trading strategies or make the selection of the best Internet information. Tell others about JustForex trading terms and services, share your own trading experience. Use the partner link in your posts.

Start attracting new members to your group sending personal invitations to your friends. Send the link to your group to all your Skype, Telegram, Whatsapp and other contacts. Post the link to you group in Facebook, Linkedin etc posts, blog/forums comments as well as in other Internet resources.

Frequently upload new information. Use interesting pictures, infographics, videos, texts that can be posted in your group. Always follow JustForex updates.


Twitter recently enabled advertisers to target people based on a range of financial criteria (e.g. their net worth, investments they hold, economic cohorts and even their bank activity).

This enables you to run ultra-targeted advertising campaigns.

When combined with the fact that only a handful of brokers use this platform, the low competition enables you to purchase quality traffic for about 1/10th of the cost of Google AdWords traffic.

Remember, that there is a huge amount of other networks that are just growing, but can be used for our purpose. Don’t stop on mentioned here networks, find something new and become our first representative there!


Communicate with other traders on Telegram. Choose channels that you like (you can find some on ​Telegram Channels Catalog) and refer new clients telling them about JustForex trading advantages, Bonuses and Promotions etc.

You can create your own telegram channel. Share information about JustForex news and check the Bonuses and promotions section. We often have some bonuses or contests, that will help you to pay traders’ attention. If you are an experienced trader, provide signals, share your trading strategy, tell others about your results and be in touch with your clients.

Take a look at some examples:


Is YouTube a social network​? For sure, it is! It’s one more opportunity to promote your links (partner link, group link, website link etc). Subscribe Forex YouTube channels, watch videos, comment them and communicate with potential clients.

There are some popular channels that you may subscribe:

  • Trader Training
  • Day Trading Academy
  • InTheMoneyStocks
  • Day Trade to Win
  • Stockguy22com

Why don’t you to create and post your own video​? Even if you’re not a professional trader, you can make a broker review, tell about JustForex advantages for traders and partners as well. It could be even easy tutorial, which helps others to register a backoffice, get a bonus etc. Your partner link with additional broker information should be placed in the video description. The number of clients following your partner link will be increasing proportionally yo your video views.

Do not forget to indicate video title, add description and tags (key words that help users to find the video) while uploading YouTube video.

Post your YouTube videos to the social networks, groups, as your friends to make a repost. You can always use JustForex videos for promoting the broker on your YouTube channel. Do not forget to add your partner link to the description.

Original Source: JustForex Official Website

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