How to use the FXPro Vault -Educational Video-

July 22, 2016

fxpro vault direct client portal how to use video

Have you ever heard of this “FXPro Vault”? It is kind of a online wallet that you can use to save your funds where separated from your trading accounts.

FXPro has released its educational video of “How to use the FXPro Vault”.

The broker has prepared one perfect client portal for its clients. Learn how to use the system and maximize the efficiency of your funds.

In order to provide you with an added level of protection, your deposits automatically go into your FxPro Vault, rather than directly into a trading account. You can think of your Vault as a safe place that is completely protected from your trading activities, so if you have an open trade that is losing you money, you know that the money in your Vault is completely protected from this trade.

Funds can easily be transferred between your Vault and trading account(s) via the manage funds button in FxPro Direct. Simply select the accounts you wish to transfer from and to, enter the amount, and press send request. Transfers are completed instantly.

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