How To Understand Market Sentiment? Learn with FXPrimus today!

April 19, 2017

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How To Understand Market Sentiment? Learn with FXPrimus today!

Learn About The Commitment Of Traders Report and How To Understand Market Sentiment.

FXPrimus invites you to attend the latest popular webinar by Peter Petrou, helping to equip you with the skills to trade.

The seminar is Free to join as long as you have a Live Trading Account with 1,000 USD with FXPrimus

The Online Seminar by FXPrimus

Tomorrow’s seminar title is:

Commitment Of Traders Report And Understanding Market Sentiment

The online seminar will be led by Peter Petrou, Market Expert of FXPrimus, on 20th April 2017 at 13.00 (GMT+3).

What You’ll Learn?

Here we analyse the sentiment in the market by monitoring the commitment of traders report and using it to form and execute trade plans.

Who can register?

This informative Advanced Webinar series is available exclusively to clients of FXPRIMUS with a minimum account balance of USD 1000, or currency equivalent.

Register today to secure your place on this popular webinar series.

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