“How to Trade CFDs” Educational Tutorial Video for Investors!

February 27, 2017

What is CFDs and How to invest in such Product?


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“How to Trade CFDs” Educational Tutorial Video for Investors!

XTrade has just released the Video to explain “How to Trade CFDs”.

But first of all, do you know what is CFDs?

CFD stands for “Contract for Difference”, it is a derivative product traded on OTC(Over the Counter).

Any products can be “CFDs” if the company decides to make it so. Such as Commodity, Metals(Gold and Silver), Stocks, Bonds and even Equity Index.

You can trade these Financial Products in a form of “CFDs”, so you can benefit from “High Leverage”(low margin requirement) and “Low Cost”.

Now, let’s find out how to trade CFDs from below!

You can find the captions of the above video here.

How to Trade CFDs

Before you start trading, let’s review the instrument screens and the available data.
Select the instrument of interest and display its details.
Instruments details are updated periodically.
This information is helpful and understanding the instrument and its leverage characteristics before opening your position.
Specify the instrument amount. You can also make use of the Risk management tools to better manage your tradings.
After settling your positoin, simply tap-by and that’s it.
You’ve joined the world of “XTrade”.
Now you can easily stay on top of your opened and closed positions.
To disvoer the full world of “XTrade”, you can deposit your funds directly from within the application.
Choose your preferred payment method, Select your desiered bonus, enter your deposit amounts and payment details and then confirm.
Now you can continue to explore the world of XTrade’s CFD Trading from the convenience of your mobile.

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