How to start investing in Forex, Stocks, Metals and Oils online? Get your Platform now!

April 3, 2017

MetaTrader4 or JForex. Get your Platform and start investing online!


We inform you, that NewForex broker was purchased by broker Forexmart, which has EU regulations. Thus all NewForex clients deposits will be transferred to the jurisdiction of the Forexmart broker. To transfer your funds to Forexmart you need to: 1. Close all open positions by December 24, 2017. 2. Register an account with Forexmart and open a trading account in the same currency. (If you have a micro account, then open the micro, if standard, then open, please, the standard account. 3. To inform NewForex support, the number of the current trading account with NewForex broker and the number of the new trading account with Forexmart broker immediately after the closing of all trading positions. All of the data will be checked and your funds will be transferred to Forexmart account.

How to start investing in Forex, Stocks, Metals and Oils online? Get your Platform now!

In 2017, online trading has become much easier for anyone in the world.

Now that everything can be done online, all you need would be:

  1. Internet Connection
  2. Device(PC or mobile) to trade with
  3. Money to invest(which you can afford to lose through investment)

You have got 3 of them above already? Then, you are ready to go in 3 minutes and become a Investor already!

How to start investing online

1. Signup for Free

First, you need to find your “Online Broker” to trade with.
That online broker will let you access to thousands of financial markets through their “trading platforms”.
In case of NSFX(online broker in Malta), you can invest in FX, Equity Index, Metals and Oils online.

2. Deposit

Transfer your funds to your broker with any methods you like.
There is minimum deposit requirement set by your broker.
Please do not deposit more than you can afford to lose through investment.

3. Login

Now, login to Trading Platform.
Every FX broker has their “trading platforms” to offer with, and through the platforms, you can finnaly access to the Financial Markets 24/7.

4. Trade

Now, start trading!
The basic rule is “Buy if you expect the price to go up, Sell if you expect the price to go down”.
There are many ways to analyze the market and trade.

Are you ready to make your investment now?

Start registering online! It may take only a few minutes to complete!

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