How STP MT4 gives FX traders advantage? 3 Reasons why traders choose STP Brokers!

March 28, 2017

How STP MT4 gives FX traders advantage? 3 Reasons why traders choose STP Brokers!

LQDFX is another STP MT4 Broker.

STP stands for Straight Through Processing, which comes with many advantages for FX traders.

There are number of STP FX brokers though, what makes these brokers so attractive that many FX traders choose?

There are mainly 3 points that you need to know.

It’s Fair

STP means that all FX traders are provided with “Interference Free Environment” from your broker.

As in, all trades(orders) are directly sent to the main FX market without anyone manipulating the data between them(the trader and the market).

This makes the trading condition as fair as possible.

With STP condition, you do not need to worry about your broker stop-hunting or manipulating market price to act against its traders.

All Trading Methods Allowed

With the STP condition, the broker does not have any reason to stop traders from making profits.

It’s simply because the broker does not hedge clients’ orders, and there is no conflict of interest.

Thus, the STP brokers allow all kinds of trading activities and methods on its trading platforms.

Scalping, Use of EAs, News Time Trading or anything. You can do anything you want to do to make profits for yourself.

No Re-quotes

STP environment is provided with “Market Execution” on MetaTrader4. Through this “Market Execution”, there is no re-quotes to traders’ orders.

This means all your orders will be executed no matter how the market volatility is high.

You won’t be bothered with “not being able to trade” situation.

All of the above advantages are provided with STP brokers like LQDFX. If you have been trading with a broker which doesn’t guarantee you the STP condition, you will see the difference with LQDFX!

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