IronFX Portfolio ManagementHow is “IronFX Portfolio Management” program with Over 50% Monthly Profit?

October 24, 2016

Are you interested in doubling up your funds in a year?

How is “IronFX Portfolio Management” program with Over 50% Monthly Profit?

IronFX, an Online Forex & CFD broker mainly based in Europe, is also licensed to manage investors’ funds by CySEC in Cyprus.

Over a few years, IronFX’s Portfolio Management program has achieved a great success and overall profits.

The program has been certainly performing great and it has been gaining popularity though, is it really a great portfolio management program?

Let us review their performance and service conditions here.

IronFX troubled with Chinese Arbitrage Traders


IronFX in Cyprus had an issue with Chinese arbitrage traders.

The trouble was basically created by the traders who have tried to earn risk-free profits by abusing the bonuses of IronFX though, IronFX also had to pay for some compensation fees(or fines) to its financial regulator, CySEC.

The trouble may have had the worst impact to company’s business, and IronFX had to cut majority of employees in several areas.

If we may support IronFX regarding to the trouble, IronFX is not the only one Forex Broker who had been in a trouble with Chinese arbitrage traders, and the broker has kept their financial license to continue their operations and did not reject or cancel profit withdrawals of other traders.

The Portfolio Management program has been making performing positively for their investors anyway.

Profit Performance over the years

ironfx portfolio management result profit

There are many “Portfolio Management” program ran by different companies though, IronFX’s Portfolio Management has been performing better than majority of them.

There are mainly two types of strategies are offered through this program, which are

Hybrid and Dynamic

The Hybrid strategy offers more moderate investment solution for traders. The strategy is suited for investors who are aiming for low risk with Low-medium return.

The Dynamic Strategy is something you may be very interested in. The strategy aims to earn larger return with medium risks in long term.

The strategy has achieved to more than double-up investors funds in less than a year. Here are the actual profit/loss results of Dynamic Strategy.

Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Overall Return Average Return
Dynamic(%) 3.63 35.81 7.66 43.87 57.36 7.40 -4.08 0.04 -5.10 1.58 -11.13 159.18 11.37
Benchmark(%) -2.50 -1.69 2.22 0.22 -0.84 -2.99 -0.36 2.49 1.08 0.65 n/a -2.30 -0.18
Performance over benchmark(%) 6.13 37.50 5.44 43.65 58.20 10.39 -3.72 -2.45 -6.18 0.93 n/a 161.48 11.55

These above results are of course real and there are investors who had invested their funds with this program, and also double-checked by third party authority.

Minimum Deposit & Performance Fees


Many “Portfolio Management” Investment solutions require some large amount of funds to be invested.

It is quite normal that some companies require you from 5000 USD to 50000 USD as the minimum required investment amount for their portfolio management.

But IronFX only requires 1000 USD to start with. Actually the minimum required deposit amount is 3000 USD for this portfolio management program though, you can start investing with only 1000 USD with us, Hercules Finance.

The performance fees of the program is from 30% – 50%.

The fees are quite normal or a bit higher, comparing to other portfolio management programs.

Well, if you are looking to earn a few hundreds of profit return in a year, the fees for the money managers of IronFX may not be a bad condition for you.

Find out more details of this solution from here.

IronFX Portfolio Management


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