HotForex Traders Award’s Winner makes 300% Profit Gain in April, 2017!

May 12, 2017

How did he manage to earn 300% of profits in a month?

HotForex Traders Award’s Winner makes 300% Profit Gain in April, 2017!

HotForex is happy to announce the “Traders Award Winner” of April 2017!

The trader who won the HTA crystal obelisk award and a $1000 cash prize, is Hoa Dang Van!

How did he manage to gain over 300% of profits?

HotForex has interviewed the trader to find out more!

HotForex (HF): How long have you been trading?
Hoa Dang Van (DV): I’ve been trading for six years.

HF: How did you get involved with Forex trading?
DV: One of my friends introduced me to forex trading, and I found I was well-suited for it.

HF: Can you tell us a little bit about your professional background?
DV: I concentrate full-time on forex trading.

HF: What is your style of trading?
DV: My trading approach is Swing Trading.

HF: What advice would you give to new traders?
DV: Always follow the rules and make sure you understand the risks well.

HF: Why did you choose HotForex as your broker?
DV: HotForex is a professional broker: payments are fast and support is always available, that’s why I chose it.

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For your information, other top traders have gained profits within a month like below.

Name of Traders Profit Gain in April
Hoa Dang Van 133.35%
Chin Siang Kok 75.15%
Pavel Rogojina 60.3%
Amirhossein Filsouf 58.85%
foo chun hoong 31.24%
ali hajreza 27.06%
Amir Sherwin KHATIBI 24.61%
israel Wendy Dlamini 16.31%
Duc Pham Viet 15.16%

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