HotForex Official Cash Back Bonus Promotion -Withdrawable 2 USD per 1 lot-

This is the "Official" Cash Back Bonus Promotion ran by HotForex. Don't miss out this opportunity!

HotForex Official Cash Back Bonus Promotion -Withdrawable 2 USD per 1 lot-

Promotion Details

DatesEvery Day
Available toBoth New & Existing Clients
Offer$2/lot Cash Back
How to getMake a Deposit & Trade
WithdrawalBonus is Withdrawable at anytime

HotForex is giving away up to 8,000 USD to all loyal traders, as cash back bonus.

Trade with HotForex and earn “Withdrawable” cash back bonus every day.

This is the “Official” cash back promotion ran by HotForex.

How to receive “2 USD Cash Back”

1. Sign up with HotForex

You will first need to register with HotForex, then receive “login credentials” for “myHotForex”.

*You may also need to verify your personal information by submitting documents which are copies of “ID and Proof of Address”.

2. Go to the Promotion Page & Open an Account

After completing the registration, please login to “myHotForex” and go to “Reward Programs” as below.

Then you will need to open an account through the page.

3. Make a Deposit

HotForex accepts dozens of different deposit methods including bank wire, card payment and many online payment services.

Deposit is accepted from 5 USD, but please make sure to meet the requirement for each account.

4. Start Trading

Now start trading in the bonus account.

More you trade, more you can benefit from this promotion.

☆Point – Cash Back bonus will be paid only for trading of “Forex” and “Gold”.

☆Point – Scalping within 1 minute won’t receive any cash back, and scalping within 2 minutes will receive 50% of the original cash back amount.

5. Receive Cash Back every day

The Cash Back Bonus amount will be automatically credited to your account every day.

The bonus amount will be capped at 8,000 USD(or 6,000 EUR, 26,000 OLN).

☆Point – Standard Cash Back rate is 2 USD per 1 round turn lot.

Withdrawal Conditions

You can withdraw your funds, profits and bonus amount at anytime you want.

This promotion won’t add any extra requirements on withdrawals of any types of funds in the relevant account.

Full Terms and Conditions

Please make sure that you understand the rules of this promotion before joining it. We have summarized some of the important conditions below.

  • The promotion is available only once per account, person, household or IP address.
  • The account which joins this promotion cannot participate any other promotions. If you like to cancel this promotion, you need to contact HotForex support team directly.
  • The minimum daily cash back mount is 5 USD, otherwise the amount will be carried over the the next day.
  • Cash back bonus will be credited to your account at 2:00 in MT4 server time. (GMT+2 or GMT+3 when summer time)
  • The cash back bonus will be credited in USD only.
  • HotForex allows all kinds of trading methods through the promotion except arbitrage.

You can find the official terms and conditions in the below PDF.

HotForex Cash Back Bonus Official “Terms and Conditions”

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88,8 USD for Free

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