“Brexit” UK Referendum vote to increase Margins on HotForex MT4

June 9, 2016

HotForex is going to take Risk Measures to prepare for "Brexit".

“Brexit” UK Referendum vote to increase Margins on HotForex MT4

As a number of financial companies are doing, HotForex is also going to take some preventative steps to protect traders for “UK Referendum Vote”, or so called “Brexit”.

HotForex is going to increase “Margin Requirements” on some financial instruments accordingly.


From June 17th, 2016, as market close until further notice

Increased Margins

All GBP Cross Pairs to 4% (Leverage 1:25)

All other Forex Pairs and Gold to 2% (Leverage 1:50)

The change will be made on both existing and new open positions.

You are strongly recommended that you evaluate current positions and perform the necessarily funding actions in advance.

HotForex team will continue to monitor the market, and notify clients if there is any further changes to the trading conditions.

What is “Brexit”?

The referendum vote will take place in the UK to determine whether the British population wishes to maintain their European Union membership, on the 23th of June 2016.

This is a major political event that is expected to impact the financial markets and may result in high volatility, price gaps/spikes, lack of liquidity, widened spreads or other movements in the markets.


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