Highest Leverage Forex Brokers with 1 million of Clients

October 4, 2016

High Leverage = More Opportunities! Here is the list of Highest Leverage Forex Brokers.

Highest Leverage Forex Brokers with 1 million of Clients

“Foreign Exchange market” is very liquidated and volatile comparing to other financial markets.

One of the main advantages is that you can trade large amount of trading volume with small margin, as in the “Leverage” is high.

For example, by applying 1:100 leverage your trades, you can trade 1,000 USD with only 10 USD as required margin in your trading account.

It is surely a great tool for Forex traders and higher the leverage, higher the amount you can control.

The average “Leverage” of all online Forex brokers in the world is around 1:500. But let us introduce you Forex brokers with even higher leverages available.

FBS 1:3000

FBS has pushed beyond the mark of 2 million clients

FBS offers Forex and CFD broker through MT4 and MT5. The company is based in Russia and Belize.

FBS actually offers the “Highest Leverage” in the world, that no brokers offer higher than 1:3000 leverage.

The amount actually broke the record in Forex industry that many traders might not be able to understand how high the leverage is.

Advantages of FBS

FBS has achieved to attract more than 2 millions of traders within only 7 years. It is almost 4 times more than Mega Japanese Forex brokers.

Not just the highest leverage in the world, the broker has got many advantages for traders, such as:

123 USD No Deposit Bonus – the amount you can get for free is also one of the top in the world
More than 10 bonus promotions – you wouldn’t miss out them if you trade with FBS
Human Customer Support – maybe it should be the standard of Forex support though, FBS’s customer support staffs are very educated and if you doubt it please go talk to them on livechat

Leverage is flexible from 1:1 to 1:3000.

If you are looking for another broker, FBS should be one great choice.

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HotForex 1:1000


HotForex offers Forex and CFDs through MT4.

For 7 years based in Europe, the name “HotForex” is known by everyone in the Forex industry.

Its sophisticated websites & trading tools, and gorgeous bonus promotions, HotForex is one pioneer in the Forex industry and many other Forex brokers have been following business style of the broker.

Mega Forex broker with find trading conditions. How HotForex can be a bad choice for a trader?

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XM 1:888

xm fx forex logo

XM offers Forex and CFD through MT4. The broker is based in Cyprus and providing financial services for over 7 years.

The maximum leverage 1:888 is a bit tricky number to make further calculations though, it is still higher than majority of Forex brokers’.

XM’s service is not like FBS, but a kind of similar to HotForex’s. Following major Forex brokers, XM has been growing really fast these years.

Its honest and transparent trading environment is also popular among traders.

XM is also known as a Forex broker with the second largest trading volume processed in the world in 2015.

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FBS, HotForex and XM. These are all Forex brokers with great trading conditions and less troubles reported.

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123 USD for Free

50 USD for Free

$30 for Free

3500 USD for Free

88,8 USD for Free

up to $1000 for Free

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