High Volatility Alert: Be prepared for German Election this Sunday!

September 21, 2017

The Elections That Will Shape The Future Of The Euro. How The German Elections Will Affect Your Trading.

High Volatility Alert: Be prepared for German Election this Sunday!

This article is originally referred from FXPrimus News

The German elections are scheduled for the 24th September and will be a race between Merkel, who seeks fourth term as Chancellor against her challenger Martin Schulz.

Have you taken some time to consider how this might affect your trading strategy?

The impact of the elections are likely to have consequences for the Euro and for the global economy.


*Trading on margin products involves a high level of risk.

How This Affects Your Trading Strategy

Market Volatility is highly likely to occur before and after the 24th of September.

The preliminary results may be announced before market opening on Monday. This might cause the market to gap on the EUR and other related products.

Please make sure you are comfortable with your open positions and that you have sufficient margin to maintain your positions on market opening.

Please note that FXPRIMUS reserves the right to increase the margin requirements at any point if needed and without notice.

Original Source: FXPrimus News

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