Have you compared ECN MT4 and JForex Trading Platforms? Which one is better for you?

March 13, 2017

Which one would you choose? MT4 or JForex?

Have you compared ECN MT4 and JForex Trading Platforms? Which one is better for you?

NSFX is made For Professionals By Professionals: We want to provide Forex traders with secure and confident access to our platform.
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It is hard to find a FX broker with both of the Popular trading platforms, MT4 and JForex.

NSFX is one of a few Forex brokers in the world, which offers such service.

The broker strives to offer “ECN Execution” for all account types and through all trading platforms, thus the traders are provided with the “Fair” and “Fast” execution and these are the main benefits of the broker.
*ECN stands for Electronics Communication Network

Now the question is “Which one is better? ECN MT4 or JForex with built-in ECN execution”.

Let’s see the account comparison of NSFX’s Account Types below.

MT4 Fixed MT4 ECN JForex
Account Type Forex Forex Forex
Trading Platform MT4 MT4 JForex
Minimum Deposit $300 $3,000 $5,000
Execution Type NDD
Leverage 200:1 100:1 100:1
Spread Type Fixed Floating Floating
Minimum Spread from 3 pips from 0.1 pips from 0.1 pips
Trading Commission N/A $8 per 1 Lot $8 per 1 Lot
Minimum Trading Lots 0.01 0.01 0.01
Maximum Trading Lots Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Decimal Pricing 5 5 5
Margin Call % 80% 80% 80%
Stop Out % 20% 20% 20%
EA (Automated Trading) Not Allowerd Allowed Allowed
Scalping Not Allowerd Allowed Allowed
Hedging Allowed Allowed Allowed
News Time Not Allowerd Allowed Allowed
PAMM/MAM Available Available Available
Islamic (Swap Free) Optional Optional Optional
Interest on Margin None None None

With NSFX, you can use both types of trading platforms with the same conditions and compare them together!
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