“Happy New Year” greeting from FBS with 2 million clients!

December 31, 2016

We all wish you the best for the year, 2017!

“Happy New Year” greeting from FBS with 2 million clients!

The year 2016, has been a big year for FBS!

The broker has achieved so many goals and has been growing rapidly.

11 offices all over the world(they are not virtual offices), over 2 million clients and thousands of live accounts opening every day for clients.

Find out the achievements of FBS from here! You can see how they are big and human FX brokerage firm.

FBS, a Forex broker with large volume in anyway

There are many reasons why we include FBS in our main promotional group, such as:

  • The highest leverage in the world
  • NDD trading environment with no withdrawal issues
  • Human and educated support team(it is exceptional)
  • More than 10 gorgeous bonus promotions

But more importantly, FBS is “Big”!

There are many brokerage firms with only several or less than 10 people working people with very small transaction volume everyday, but pretending to be big in the market.

FBS is different.

According to their past activities and achievements, we are happy to recommend FBS as one of the largest brokerage firm in the world.

You haven’t tried out the service of FBS? Find out more information of FBS from here, and see if their service is attractive or not.

By the way, have you checked the changed holiday schedules of FBS?

FBS team will also take holidays for the during New Year’s days, and there are some hours where you may not be able to reach them out.

Find out more from here!

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