Get VIP Benefits & Advantages from easyMarkets with Deposit of over $2500!

June 29, 2017

Did you know there are different benefits available for traders depending on the deposit amount?

Get VIP Benefits & Advantages from easyMarkets with Deposit of over $2500!

Have you already signed up with easyMarkets yet?

If so, you have several things you need to know before starting your investment.

What Can I Do Next?

  1. Check out easyMarket’s current promotions by clicking here.
  2. Activate your account now and a personal account manager will be assigned to assist you.
  3. Enjoy a personalised training session with all deposits over $100.
  4. Discover how to cancel a losing deal with the unique dealCancellation tool!

If I Deposit Now What Can I Get?

There are many benefits waiting for you as an easyMarkets trader like access to 300+ Trading Instruments, guaranteed stop loss, fixed spreads and loads of free risk management tools.

Below you can see a list of their services for each deposit level:

Deposit What Do I Get?
 $100 – $199 Platform and services navigation tour
How to place and close orders
Access to Fundamental & Technical Analysis
Free educational videos & eBooks
 $200 – $2499 Additional Services
How to trade online & use economic indicators in your trading strategy
Register for trading ideas for top 10 pairs, sent twice a day from Trading Central directly into your inbox
 $2500 – $5000 Get the VIP package:
Improved fixed spreads starting from 1.8 pips – save money on your trading
Personal market analyst – expert insights to help you with your decision making
Direct 24-hour phone trading so you can open/close or modify deals on the go
Rebate schemes on your favorite pairs – get paid to trade
Market Updates on request
Advanced fundamental analysis training (as required)
Advanced technical analysis training (as requested)
Advanced risk management training – traders diary
Sentiment training
Periodic special offers

For any questions please feel free to email the support team.

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