Get Real-Time News Alerts by ValuTrades! “ValuNewsAlerts” for Online Traders!

June 20, 2017

Real Time News Alerts by ValuTrades!

Get Real-Time News Alerts by ValuTrades! “ValuNewsAlerts” for Online Traders!

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“ValuNewsAlerts” offers traders access to probability driven trading opportunities based on different news events.

Clients can access different time frames, news releases and currency pairs through the Valutrades client zone.

Movement Probability

The news alerts will provide clients with a probability percentage


All trading information is available from the dropdown menu

Different Timeframes

Clients receive daily trading alert emails ahead of news or important events

Real Time Opportunities

On average there are over 30 real time alerts daily

Actual vs. Consensus

Probability analysis based on actual vs. consensus

News Charting

Track news alerts on real time charts
How To Access

ValuNewsAlerts is available to Valutrades clients for FREE who either meet a minimum account balance level or place a specific number of trades per month.

For specific minimum requirements please complete the “Request A Demo” form and an account manager will be in touch shortly.

  1. Complete “Request A Demo” Form
  2. Satisfy Minimum Requirements
  3. Login To Valutrades Client Zone – Access Product

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50 USD for Free

3500 USD for Free

123 USD for Free

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