Get “Market Opportunity” – Briefing containing market analysis by Fortrade!

October 18, 2017

Notification: Changes On Margin For Japanese Elections.

Get “Market Opportunity” – Briefing containing market analysis by Fortrade!

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Fortrade is excited to introduce you with the PREMIUM service that will help you keep better informed on the markets.

They call it “Market Opportunity”.

What is Market Opportunity?

A Market Opportunity is a one page briefing containing market analysis and their goal is to provide clients with a simple to understand opportunity to trade on the markets.

With the success rate of 61%*, the M.O. highlights potential opportunities and gives relevant information on how the opportunity has been calculated.

In the M.O. Fortrade will provide you with the trend direction, the pivot point (an entry level to open a trading position), support and resistance lines (Take Profit and Stop Loss levels) and profit and loss calculations, based on 1 lot trading volume.

  1. Geo-political events
    • These events include speeches of politicians, elections, terrorist acts or any other humanitarian crises that can affect the global financial markets.
  2. Fundamental analysis
    • This analysis consists of looking at the impact of scheduled events and information from different sectors such as GDP reports, Monetary Policy, CPI, speeches from senior officials of central banks etc.
  3. Technical analysis
    • Technical analysis includes pivot point which is recommended price for opening a trading position, support and resistance levels for daily, weekly or monthly terms.
*For the period May to September.

How can I subscribe for Market Opportunity service?

Every active client (depositor) of Fortrade can subscribe for the Market Opportunity service by contacting his/her Senior Account Manager.

To take a look at Market Opportunity in details and how you can use it, please contact your account manager.

Original Source: Fortrade News

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