“Germany’s Regional CPI” to be released today

October 28, 2016

Today’s market highlights by FXGiants.

“Germany’s Regional CPI” to be released today

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During the European day, the focus will shift on Germany’s preliminary CPI data for October.

As usual, Germany’s regional CPIs will be released ahead of the country’s overall print. Thus, we will look at the larger regions for guidance on where the headline figure may come in.

Expectations are for the national rate to have ticked up, something that is supported by the services PMI for the month, which showed that the pace of increase in output prices rose to a multi-month high.

An acceleration in the German CPI could raise the likelihood that Eurozone’s print, coming out on Monday, may follow suit.

Eurozone’s final consumer confidence index for October is also coming out.

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Original Source: FXGiants Facebook

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