FxPro reports “Positive Slippage” over 35% in this quarter’s Execution Statistics

October 20, 2016

FXPro with 10 years of excellence,showing the execution statistics for this quarter.

FxPro reports “Positive Slippage” over 35% in this quarter’s Execution Statistics

This article is originally referred from FXPro News

Online Forex Broker based in Europe, FxPro is pleased to announce their “key execution statistics” registered during the months of July, August, and September in 2016, honouring its commitment to disclose these metrics on a quarterly basis.

For yet another quarter, the order execution data registered reflect FxPro’s ongoing focus on slippage symmetry, with Q3 results on a par with the ones observed in previous quarters and positive slippage percentages revealed to be consistently high.

During this three-month period, slippage percentages reached the following levels:

  • Positive = 36.23%
  • At Quote = 35.96%
  • Negative = 27.81%

Re-quote percentages for Q3 were as follows:

  • Re-quotes = 4.26%
  • Positive = 1.99%
  • Negative = 2.27%

FxPro executes client orders with no-dealing-desk intervention and continues to set higher standards across the industry, having recently received the ‘Best FX Execution, Global’ award at the 2016 CFI.co Awards.

At the same time, FxPro remains focused on providing clients with continuously enhanced trading conditions, upgrading its services by introducing more trading instruments and additional products and tools.

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Original Source: FXPro News

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