FXPro increases Margin on TRY pairs for Turkish Referendum coming this weekend

April 12, 2017

FXPro changes conditions for Turkish Constitutional Referendum on Sunday.

FXPro increases Margin on TRY pairs for Turkish Referendum coming this weekend

“Turkish Constitutional Referendum” is coming this weekend, on Sunday!

The political event is expected to have huge impact on financial markets, especially on USDTRY and EURTRY pairs.

The event will take place on Sunday, April 16th in 2017, and FXPro is going to change the “Margin Requirements” on all trading platforms as follows.


Trading Volume Margin Requirement
– 5 lots 5%
5 lots – 15 lots 10%
15 lots – 20%

The changes above will be applied from Friday, April 14th in 2017, at 9 AM in GMT, and the change will affect New Positions Only but Existing Open Positions will be traded with normal margin.

Please also note that there may be wider spread than the ones in normal hours expected during this weekend.

There are several more points which FXPro likes to mention to traders before the Turkish Constitutional Referendum.

  1. Prior to and in the aftermath of the referendum, FxPro reserves the right to allow fixed spreads to float to reflect underlying market conditions.
  2. In case of extreme volatility and low liquidity, FxPro reserves the right to refuse the opening of new positions, enabling “Close Only” functionality through all trading platforms.
  3. Should market conditions deem it necessary, FxPro reserves the right to make additional changes to our trading conditions in the days prior to and after the Turkish Constitutional Referendum.

FXPro continues to update on this matter, and also provide full market analysis as always.

For more information, inquiries or expectations through the Turkish Referendum on Sunday, please visit FXPro official website.

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