FxPro has updated leverage/margin requirement and Swap conditions of Energies

April 12, 2016

FxPro has updated the maximum leverage applied on energies instruments.
It will be 1:100, so the required margin would be 1%.

As from 12th April 10:00 GMT+3, FxPro applies the new margin requirements and swaps for Energy financial instruments.

Required Margin will be increased to 1% and swaps will also be affected.

The changes will impact both new and existing positions.

For more details, please refer to the below table.

 Symbols Instrument  Contract Size Leverage/Required Margin Minimum Spread  Trading Platforms
BRENT  Spot UK Brent Oil  1,000 Barrels  1:100/1%  5.0 pip  MT4, MT5, cTrader
 NAT.GAS  Spot Natural Gas  10,000 MMBtu  1:100/1%  4.0 pip  MT4, MT5, cTrader
 WTI  Spot US WTI OIl  1,000 Barrels  1:100/1%  4.0 pip  MT4, MT5, cTrader

*Please be advised that the above instruments are subject to Dynamic Leverage. Please refer to the following Specifications page for further information.

Up to 1:500 leverage by FxPro

FxPro offers up to 1:500 leverage to traders though, the leverage is only applicable to Forex currency pairs and a few other financial instruments.

The minimum margin required in this case would be 0.2%.

But please note that other CFD instruments are not available with the leverage 1:500.

You may want to review the contract specification table in FxPro’s website before start trading.

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