FXPro has made some amendments on its T&C(Legal Documentation)

February 12, 2016

In FxPro, the ‘Client Agreement’ and ‘Terms and Conditions of Business' have been amended with immediate effect.

The following is a summary of the amendments that have been made:

  • Vault

Definition of the “Vault” is updated. Please see paragraphs 5.1 and 10.6 of the ‘Client Agreement’.

  • Abuse of the ‘Negative Balance Protection’ offering

FxPro has clarified the actions the company may take if clients are found to abuse the ‘negative balance protection’ offered by FxPro. Please see paragraph 5.8 of the ‘Terms and Conditions of Business’.

  • Leverage restrictions

FxPro has clarified leverage restrictions that can be found on the company’s website. Please see ‘Important Notice’ 1 of paragraph 6.27 of the ‘Terms and Conditions of Business’ and paragraph 7.1 of the ‘Client Agreement’.

  • Authorized representatives

FxPro has clarified how the firm recognizes authorized representatives. Please see paragraph 8.2 of the ‘Client Agreement’.

  • Local jurisdictions restrictions or reporting requirements

FxPro has clarified the client’s responsibility to ensure their compliance with any local restrictions or requirements. Please see paragraph 23.4 of the ‘Client Agreement’.

  • Margin treatment

FxPro has clarified how client margin may be treated by FxPro. Please see paragraph 10.4 of the ‘Client Agreement’.

  • Funding processing

FxPro has made clarifications on deposits and withdrawals processing times and on procedures about additional documentation we may request. Please see paragraphs 10.17 and 10.18 respectively of the ‘Client Agreement’.


If you are in agreement with the amendments you do not need to take any action; unless FxPro hears from you, FxPro will assume you have accepted the amended terms. If you decide to reject the amendments, please contact FxPro directly before February 28, 2016.

You will find the amended versions of the ‘Client Agreement’ and ‘Terms and Conditions of Business’ on its official website.


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